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Consultancy Services

Project Planning

The establishing or upgrading of a high-tech new medical facility or laboratory, requires oversight by an experienced medical and laboratory team in coordination with a specialized engineering team.
We cooperate with our clients to provide up-to-date consultancy services by utilizing the best practices to keep-up with the international standards, meet the national guidelines and deliver innovative solutions for the owner’s specific needs, covering:

  • Project Concept
  • Project Phasing
  • Strategic Planning
  • Feasibility Study
  • Site Assessment
  • Design Frameworks
  • Design Guidelines
  • Regulations’ Guidelines
  • Safety Planning
  • Environmental Impact

Covering: Architectural, Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Design
  • Concept Design & Project Concept Plan
    • Program development
    • Engineering Concept Design
    • Biomedical Concept Plan
  • Preliminary Design and Permit
    • Preliminary Design
    • Preliminary Permit
  • Developed Design
  • Detailed Design
    • Detailed Design Engineering
    • Detailed Design Laboratory Equipment
  • Tender Documents
  • Tender Evaluation
    • Engineering
    • Laboratory/Medical Equipment
  • Equipment BOQ
  • Equipment Specifications
  • Equipment Vendors list
  • Services:
    • Procurement / tender documentation
    • Tender Evaluation
  • Equipment Procurement Management
  • Equipment Delivery Management
  • Equipment Installation and Commissioning Management